Pufferfish are aquatic house cats


Pufferfish are aquatic house cats

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Cool, brain. Why not just lay awake at 5 in the morning for no reason?


Terrorlighted: The Story of Peter’s Life


5 Fat Truths About Cellulite

I’d like to show every middle school girl this video to save them from years of “swimsuit season” body-hate instigated by women’s media lies about what a terrible scourge cellulite is and how we should all be frantically (and futilely) trying to get rid of it.

- Cristen “Dimply Thighs” Conger

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This Little Girl Needs Just 90 Seconds To Explain The Problem With Girls’ Toys Today

Remember those classic “This is your brain on drugs” ads that scared you into not eating omelets? GoldieBlox, one of our favorite companies when it comes to inspiring girls to achieve greatness, decided to make that metaphor actually useful, just in time for Easter. Learn the facts.


Pigmentocracy: Real Talk About Fair Skin (via WNYC)

Last month I worked with the folks at WNYC on a piece about skin lightening. Truthfully, I’ve never had any negative feelings about my skin tone so I had no idea this was such a big business. So for me, this conversation was both sad and incredibly eye opening. Have you ever felt self conscious about your skin tone or considered using lightening products?

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i’m really angry at eliese because she got this stuck in my head and then i got it stuck in jamie’s head

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Happy Shelter Story Friday! #TGISSF


Happy Shelter Story Friday! #TGISSF



Please, pass around so maybe Troops might benefit from the info. These pups are a life line for Our Troops and it kills them have to leave them behind. =(

1. For anyone who has a furry friend, pet/mascot they wish to rescue from Afghanistan, please send an email to: anna@ thepuppyrescuemission. org Please use the subject heading “Package”. All requests for rescues must go via this email address from your personal email. Thank You!

2. nowzad. com

3. spcai. org /baghdad-pups/requesting-help. html If you have questions concerning a dog or cat in Afghanistan, please contact us directly.

PLEASE, don’t delete the info to reblog just the pictures, I made this post to HELP OUR TROOPS find a way to bring home their combat buddies =/

All of these soldiers deserve to come home.


sometimes i look at myself in the mirror after putting together an outfit and catch a glimpse of my butt and i think to myself “yep”